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What Causes Concrete Sidewalk Damage

What Causes Concrete Sidewalk DamageDespite being a durable and compact material, concrete will undergo some extent of deterioration over time. Concrete sidewalk installation demands immense precaution and care during the entire process to ensure its maximum functionality intended for the purpose.

However, concrete is not invincible! You will witness blemishes like blisters, cracks, curling, discoloration, efflorescence, spalling, scaling, or crazing over time. You require an expert sidewalk repair contractor like Trice Restoration Inc to fix these issues promptly. We are a team of licensed and insured professionals serving the major cities of New York, like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester, through our extensive knowledge and implementation of advanced technologies.

If you are facing concrete sidewalk deterioration, there can be multitudinous problems at once. So, it is necessary to identify the cause of damage by one of the reliable concrete sidewalk repair contractors to ascertain the ideal solution.

Prevalent Causes of Concrete Sidewalk Damage

An integral part of safe road traffic movement, sidewalks are vulnerable to heavy foot traffic, causing regular wear and tear. Also, persistent exposure to extreme weather conditions leads to freeze-thaw cycles weakening the structures.

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At Trice Restoration Inc, we have a specialized crew performing inspections of your sidewalk to determine its condition and decipher the source of damage. Being a recognized sidewalk repair contractor, we get to the root of problems ensuring you experience long-lasting results.

So, according to our experts, here are the major factors leading to concrete sidewalk damage:

1. CracksThe most common form of concrete damage is cracking. Sooner or later, you will notice them appearing on the surface of your sidewalk, which may seem insignificant but can be a critical concern if left untreated. Cracks form because of one or all of the following reasons:

  • Stress- Extreme temperature fluctuations cause concrete expansion and contraction. This continuous process increases surface tension creating gaps between joints and slabs. It affects the strength and durability of the structure. Concrete sidewalk repair companies can fix these cracks effortlessly without replacing the structure (provided you take early action).
  • Shrinkage- It is a structural issue when there is improper concrete installation. An inappropriate proportion of water leads to drying shrinkage. Coarse and heavy particles settle at the bottom, and the finer ones rise to the surface top with water. Thus water evaporates too fast, causing excessive shrinkage. It causes crack formation, and you must consult one of the reputed concrete sidewalk replacement contractors like Trice Restoration Inc to avail of the best solution.
  • Overloading- Concrete is used for sidewalks as it offers a smooth surface with enhanced curb appeal. However, too much weight due to traffic or heavy equipment can lead to cracking at weak spots.

2. SinkingSinking of concrete sidewalks is primarily caused due to ground settlement where the soil underneath becomes loose and unstable. As a result, the concrete base loses its strength and integrity causing sudden collapse. Soil erosion by heavy rainfall and floods is another prevalent cause of succumbed concrete sidewalks.

3. BlistersBumps or blisters of varying sizes can occur on the concrete surface at any point because of the following reasons:

  • Trapped Air- During concrete installation, when excess air gets entrapped within the mix, it causes bubble formation as the concrete dries up. So proper consistency of the mortar and its application is significant to avoid blisters.
  • Insufficient Vibration- If entrapped air is not released adequately during compaction through sufficient vibration, it results in crusting and bubble formation.
  • Early Finishing- When concrete is not allowed to dry entirely before undergoing the finishing process, sooner or later, blisters will appear in any circumstance. In such cases, the sidewalk repair contractors cost will be more expensive because the damage lies in the core!

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4. DiscolorationYou may notice light or dark patches on your concrete sidewalk that are caused mainly due to harsh light and heat. Also, efflorescence or salt deposition, results in white chalky blotches. It occurs when water evaporates, leaving behind salt accumulation on the surface. Proper maintenance and cleaning can fix the problem conveniently.

5. SpallingOval or circular depressions are known as spalling. Often it can occur along the joints. Spalling can cause due to:

  • Bond Failure
  • Physical Impact
  • Natural Weathering
  • Stress

Final Notes

Since concrete damage is inevitable in any scenario, as a prominent sidewalk repair contractor, we at Trice Restoration Inc propose comprehensive solutions with a guarantee of enhanced durability and curb appeal. Our services comprise inspection, repair, restoration, and replacement of sidewalks, possessing a severe threat to pedestrians and neighboring properties. With affordable rates and premium quality services, we will never let you regret choosing us!

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