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    Trice Restoration Inc. is NYC’s premier parapet repair contractor. We can handle it if you need parapet roofing, firewall parapets, bridge parapets, or parapets for fortification. Let us help you extend your roof or balcony wall with a barrier.

    When you hire us to build a parapet repair, you can rest assured that we will bring years of experience to the job. We are infused with this stuff, and Trice is your best option regarding parapet wall maintenance.

    We have been providing residential and commercial building clients with the best high-quality results for everything from brick to parapet repair in New York City. As far as artistry and customer service are concerned, we strive to go above and beyond. Working with you will demonstrate our impeccable reputation to you.

    This is the ideal way to improve your rooftop’s look, performance, and safety. Let us provide you with the high-quality craftsmanship and results you want, need and deserve, like parapet wall crack repair and complete restoration.

    Connect with Parapet Repair Specialists for Complete Renovation and Restoration

    Regarding parapet repair, it’s essential to ensure you get the quality you need. By relying on our parapet repair contractors in NYC to get the job done, you can feel confident that the materials and construction will be top-notch. In addition to meeting building codes and guidelines, it is also necessary to pass inspections. You want to avoid a parapet wall that becomes a hazard rather than a safety feature.

    Give Aesthetically Pleasing & Protective Barrier to your Building

    Parapet repair construction has a long history. Originally parapets were used only for defensive purposes. Today, it’s part of commercial building codes and serves as a guard rail, a measure, and a safety precaution for anyone on a roof. In addition to preventing wind damage to high-rise commercial buildings, condos, or private buildings, parapet repair increase wind uplift resistance.

    Advantages of Parapet repair Services are:


    Your roof edges are targeted by vortices produced when strong winds blow against your roof. If these forces are powerful enough to lift your roof edge, you can damage your roof system. As a result of these walls, your roof structure and assemblies are better protected from high winds.


    At Trice Restoration Inc, the experts repair a leaking parapet wall perfectly while giving you complete protection. Your roof might have large pools of rainwater after a heavy storm; if left untreated, these pools of water can damage your roof and seep into your walls.


    The parapets of some buildings, usually older ones, provide relief from vapor pressure. You must ensure that no water enters the membrane when installing any roofing membrane, as water can easily seep beneath your shingles if not protected.

    Safe to Use

    Parapet walls act as safety barriers on roofs, and the fence must be a certain height to accomplish this. If your commercial building is in use quite a lot, you must ensure your walls are tall enough. Hence, the parapets walls make a safety thread in this aspect, where there is always security when it comes to usage.

    Parapet Repair

    Different methods can be used to repair parapet. It is only possible for professionals to construct parapet repair. An appropriate crack sealing agent can be applied to fix a cracked wall, and it is possible to place a fiber mesh along the crack before using the sealing agent.

    Detailed Orientation

    Our experts will review each estimate with you during our detailed and thorough on-site consultation. We make sure to check the on-site completely before assuring you of the solution. After a complete analysis of your project, an experienced and skilled professional will take up your problem and will provide you with an immediate solution.
    Why choose us?

    When you need parapet installation, repair or replacement services in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn, We provide complete parapet repair services from parapet roofing to parapets firewall and bridging parapets to any structure and parapet wall repair for commercial buildings.

    In addition to hiding unattractive roofing systems, parapet repair can cover flat or sloped roofs. As long as quality results are produced by the work that goes into it, there are plenty of advantages.

    Connect with our experts today for your Parapet Solutions.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      • What are Parapet Walls?

        The parapet wall is a low or dwarf wall built along the edge of a roof, terrace, walkway, balcony, etc. Different materials can be used to construct parapet walls, including reinforced cement concrete, steel, aluminum, and glass.

      • How to prevent some of the most common problems with parapets?

        The roof substrate can rot when water gets underneath your roof membrane. This can result in reduced thermal efficiency of the insulation, damage to the roof structure, and dampness inside the building, making it unsafe to live or work in. Dressing the membrane directly over the parapet wall is essential to ensure the barrier is genuinely waterproof.

      • Which licensed contractor is best for parapet walls repair & restoration?

        There are many contractors available for parapet walls repair in NYC, among them Trice Restoration Inc, is leading. The licensed professionals here bring best services and offer long term solutions for all kinds of issues.

      • What are the different types of Parapet Walls?

        Various types of parapet walls are based on their appearance, design, and function.
        According to their design or appearance, parapet walls are classified as follows:
        Walls with plain parapets
        Parapet walls with embattlements
        Parapet walls with perforations
        Walls with paneled parapets