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    Apart from waterproofing and various other types of services, Trice Restoration is one of the best Masonry contractors in the Bronx who are always there to satisfy the customers’ needs. Whether it is a commercial, industrial, or any institutional project in your area where masonry contractors are needed, Trice Restoration INC is always ready to reach the location. The trust we have developed with our customers is due to the honest service and excellence we offer our clients.

    Being licensed masonry contractors, we are constantly developing newer technologies and upgrading ourselves. Thus, with a host of modern facilities in hand, the executives at Trice Restoration INC are always looking to get in touch with the customers. Our detailed inspection and analysis of the project ensure a smooth and flawless workflow without much hassle.

    Besides masonry, our expertise extends to waterproofing, repair, retainer, block and brick repair, and many more. Therefore, if you want to hire a masonry contractor in the Bronx, you should prefer connecting with Trice Restoration once before contacting other contractors. Irrespective of the size of the project, our skilled and professional executives are always there to handle any kind of project without much hassle.

    Get your repairing and Restoration requirements fulfilled by availing a quotation from us

    With our host of repairing and restoration services like concrete, sidewalks, walkways, patio, yard design, hardscape, walls, and steps, we fulfil our clients requirements in any situation. Providing the best masonry service in the Bronx, our products won’t dissatisfy the customers.

    Trice Restoration INC is always there to provide you with the best solution in the shortest span. Our professionals and executives are constantly supervising the project unless it gets completed. Being the best masonry contractors in Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and different other locations in NYC, we are always on our feet to serve the customers with the best.

    Our company can offer you a wide range of designs which you can choose for your property project. We cut, fix and combine different products to develop a new shape and structure that can provide your property with an aesthetically pleasing look. Thus, if you are planning to give a new shape and look at your property with the best brick masonry contractor, you should contact Trice Restoration INC soon.

    Why is Trice Restoration INC the best?

    Enhanced experience

    The experience of the masonry contractors in the Bronx plays a crucial role while selecting a contractor for a masonry project. But with years of experience from the executives and workers of Trice Restoration INC, you will never fall short of the service you want. We deliver the assignments to our customers on time with proper care and knowledge.

    Inspection and analyzation

    Diving into the project to get the quotation is not the ultimate thing. We at trice Restoration INC are always dedicated to visiting the plot, analyzing the area, and providing a quotation for the materials and products required to accomplish the project. Once our customers approve it, we get on to the project to deliver it on the promised time.

    Affordable Rates

    Everyone wishes to have a beautiful property but steps back after getting a quotation for the project. However, if you want to hire a masonry contractor in the Bronx, you should connect with Trice Restoration INC. We provide the cheapest rate for the assignment and try to deliver the project flawlessly with proper supervision.

    Communication with the customers

    Communication plays a crucial role while you are working for your client. As the best brick masonry contractor, we assign executives for the undertaken projects. The executives behave well and communicate well with the customers, according to their requirements.

    Quality of the products

    Trice Restoration INC never compromises on the quality of its products, and we tend to deliver the best materials for your project so that it has a long-lasting future. So, if you are finding a professional masonry contractor in the Bronx, contact us.


    Trice Restoration INC takes responsibility for the safety of the workers who are working on site. Therefore, Trice Restoration will take responsibility if anything happens to the workers. Moreover, all the safety requirements are taken to ensure that the workers can work properly.
    Top reasons to select us for the masonry project

    We are one of the best masonry contractors in the Bronx and always provide expert solutions to customers.

    • Expertise
      Our workers are well-skilled and knowledgeable about the bricks, mortars, and other products and materials used for masonry work. They know well to place things properly.
    • Service
      Trice Restoration INC never falls short of providing the service expected by the customers. We are always evolving to deliver the kind of requirements demanded by the customers and satisfy their needs.
    • Quality
      The main reason for choosing the services of Trice Restoration is the quality of the task performed. We are always ready to provide the best quality services.

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      • What kinds of projects are covered by the masonry contractors?

        The masonry contractors might cover projects like replacing the mortar to satisfy the structural requirements of the property.

      • Is it necessary for a masonry contractor to have a license?

        Yes, a masonry contractor must have a license to give customers trust and satisfaction.

      • How long do the masonry projects last?

        If you get your masonry project done by Trice Restoration INC, it will surely last for a very long time. We never provide any products or materials which will not last properly.