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    Trice Restoration Inc: Most Comprehensive Restoration Services

    Welcome to Trice Restoration Inc; we bring complete restoration, repair and renovation solutions for your buildings and commercial properties. Our services include Masonry, waterproofing, sidewalk, brick pointing, roofing, fire escape, balcony repair & restoration. At Trice, we have years of combined experience in investigating, designing and repairing industrial, commercial and architectural structures. We provide hands-on expertise in offering unique solutions and problem-solving.

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    Let’s Restore Your Building’s Interior & Exterior with Our Ultimate Services
    From homes & businesses to industrial and commercial spaces, count on Trice: Your one-stop destination for repair and restoration services.


    With surety and authenticity, we take care of your roofing needs with customized solutions of roof repair services. We are committed to delivering the highest quality at a price you can afford for all of your needs pertaining to roofing repairs. Our roofing repair services are available on a petty and major scale.


    Get durable work and quality artistry second to none. Our team of licensed Waterproofing contractors is high on experience in completing emergency works and providing practical solutions in NYC. We ensure complete flawless work.


    Get complete concrete & Masonry contracting services in all five boroughs of New York City. At Trice, our building masonry contractor NYC’s mission is to supply customers with quality services within the budget and deadlines.

    Brick Pointing

    When excessive sunlight or water damages the wall mortar, which binds the bricks together, brick pointing/repointing is needed. A brick-pointing process involves removing and replacing damaged, deteriorated, and missing mortar between blocks, bricks, and stones. And that is where we provide an immediate solution.

    Stucco Coatings

    The exterior of your property needs to be both durable and stylish, and one of the best coverings for commercial and residential buildings can be given with the best stucco coating solution. We believe in only offering the highest-quality solutions to our customers.


    Are you thinking of rebuilding your sidewalk or getting a repair in NYC? Doesn’t it seem daunting to keep looking for someone to count upon in terms of concrete repairs? When you need concrete sidewalk repair services in NYC, you can rely on the professional contractors at Trice Restoration Inc.

    Parapet Repair

    We offer various solutions and services for your parapet, with our immediate and active custom-tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our team provides complete inspections that are free, and we guarantee all of our workh.

    Balcony repair

    High above the streets, balconies and terraces undergo significant damage over time, battered by extreme conditions and everyday use. Patios in New York City are especially susceptible to deterioration due to the severe colds of the region. This is why balcony repair and balcony maintenance are so necessary.h.

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    At Trice, restoration, you can get connected with our professionals for all your work. We assure immediate solutions by giving you a list of available possibilities.
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    We are delivering quality services on time, keeping integrity and fairness on priority. Be it repair, restoration or any kind of construction, you can feel free to contact us. For any kind of queries or issues our team is available to assist you

    On Site Visit

    We provide immediate and timely on site visits. Our professionals are well versed in apt working, be it remodeling, repair, renovation or installation of new projects, everything is taken immediately. Our professionals do an on site visit and provide you with an instant solution for all your waterproofing and restoration needs

    Cost Estimation & Timeline

    We are a well-known construction service provider standing out in a reputable position in the market. Pay extreme attention to responsiveness, personalized solution, quality craftsmanship, functionality and value and ensure to get your work done, keeping utmost professionalism in mind and providing you estimation of cost and timeline for everything.

    Proposal Acceptance

    At Trice, you can give your contact information and details and the team will get connected with you and provide you with an immediate solution for all your restoration and repair needs. Trice Restoration Inc offers a highly affordable price range for services like scaffolding, roof repair, sidewalk, waterproofing and much more.

    Building Restoration Process

    Our standards and services are always efficient and safety-conscious. To avoid disrupting your business operations, we can work nights and weekends. The workflow is quick and smooth, so connect with the professionals whenever you need them for a complete building restoration process and immediate solution

    Clean Up & Handover

    We only use top-of-the-line high-quality materials when it comes to top brands for all kinds of work in NYC. Whether construction, repair or restoration, everything is offered with great zest and zeal to fulfill all your needs. After your entire work is accomplished, we provide complete clean up & handover to our clients.

    Frequently Asked Question
    • What kind of masonry services do you provide?

      Our masonry services include Brick Pointing, retaining walls, balcony repair and restoration, construction of damaged areas and complete restoration services and solution. The professionals available at Trice Restoration Inc, bring outstanding services and solutions in no time.

    • What kind of concrete services do you provide?

      Our concrete services include sidewalk repair services and solutions. You can reach our experts for all kinds of concrete services. The professionals at Trice Restoration Inc, hold years of experience in offering ultimate sidewalk repair and restoration.

    • How can you help a building owner in waterproofing a building?

      As an owner, you can hire trustworthy and reliable waterproofing contractors to help you. We at Trice Restoration Inc, help you with the best waterproofing solution for your commercial and residential waterproofing needs.

    • What kind of Roofing services is offered by Trice Restoration Inc?

      Whenever you encounter water stains, mold, or any issue on your flat roofs, we at Trice, help you overcome all these recoveries completely. There are other signs of roof issues that include damaged roof covers, flaws in the seams, and bubbles along the roof flashing. We make sure to provide solutions for all of these and many more.

    • What does your fire escape painting and repair work include?

      If you are considering renovating your fire escape, you will want to ensure it meets the requirements of the fire officer or buildings surveyor. We make sure to fulfill your needs with our violation removal and firescape painting solutions. You can explore our services for more details.


    The waterproofing of construction units, whether commercial buildings or residential projects, is integral in preventing the detrimental effects of water damage. It strengthens the building’s infrastructure and offers an extended service life. From the roof and the walls to the basement, each unit requires adequate waterproofing measures for all-around protection. So, to find the right…

    It is necessary to hire an expert whenever your commercial building requires repair and restoration work. Only a well-qualified and trained professional can undertake the complexities and face the challenges of a commercial project. A commercial building is a composite architectural unit built with high structural and environmental standards. These spaces demand superior pre-fabrication and…

    For most property owners, a leaking roof is one of the most common issues. With persistent water dripping from the roof, it is a serious problem leading to health complications and damage to the building’s foundation. Since the roof is constantly exposed to extreme temperatures, freeze-thaw cycles, and strong winds, it is highly vulnerable to…

    Customers Love Trice
    Henry Bolt
    Roofing And Waterproofing

    When it comes to considering the experts for your roofing and waterproofing solutions, I look nowhere, but one and only Trice Restoration Inc. They are simply one of the most reliable places and highly skilled professionals who offer best repair and restoration services in no time.

    Sarah Joseph
    Firescape Painting

    I was in search of a good and most trustworthy place for my firescape painting and I got to know about one of NYC's best restoration companies. Trice, Restoration In, they are simply stunning and experienced professionals who give absolutely ultimate repair and painting solution in just no time. Highly recommendable.

    Balcony Repair

    If you are looking for permanent balcony repair and restoration solutions, then feel free to get connected with the professionals of Trice Restoration Inc. The experts here are highly skilled in providing immediate balcony repair solutions.

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