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    With years of experience in roofing renovations and restoration services, Trice Restoration Inc has become one of the most prominent roof repair companies in Queens. We are a premier roof repair company providing clay tile, slate, and asphalt flat roof repair and replacement services. A poorly performing roof can negatively impact the value of a home, and a well-maintained roof can increase your property’s resale value. We help you in providing a weather-resistant roof by our latest roof technique. 

    As a team of highly skilled and experienced roofing experts, our roof repair contractor Queens delivers roof repair that you can afford. We are known for our honesty and professionalism.

    Our roof repair contractor Queens offers prompt client assistance and customer service. You can schedule a visit from Trice Restoration Inc if you are thinking about repairing your roof or fixing a leaking roof soon. Please let us know if you need any assistance! 

    Providing complete Roof Repair Services in Queens with guaranteed results

    We deliver successful and lasting roof repair or replacement results. Our licensed roofers in New York City go the extra mile to ensure you get complete peace of mind. The company installs, repairs, or replaces your roofing system as quickly and quietly as possible. The ultimate goal of our service is to make you as stress-free as possible. Additionally, we assist you in choosing the suitable roofing material for your residential or commercial property and provide fast turnaround times, quality artistry, and fair prices. 

    We provide expert advice and professional support to ensure that your roofing system is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing whether to repair, replace or install a roof is significant, and Trice Restoration Inc. can help you make the right decision. If you are searching for the best roof repair contractor Queens, you know where to look.

    Providing Ultimate Roof Repair Services Queens with Excellent Solutions

    Professional Roofing

    Our Roof Installation Services are available in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. We specialize in installing, replacing, and repairing all roof styles. You can rely on our experts for the best professional roofing repair and solution.

    24/7 Services

    We provide dependable, high-quality service night and day, seven days a week. You need a fast gutter replacement or a new roof when you need them. You will be able to get a roof maintenance solution that is available around the clock.

    Affordable Price

    Our quick and cost-effective solutions are designed to meet your needs. Get a no-surprise estimate after we assess your project. Our budget-friendly roof replacement services Queens are the prime choice among many customers in New York.

    Inspection for Roof Waterproofing

    You can count on us if you need a professional to take care of your Queens roof inspection services. The team at Eden Roofing & General Contractors is the only name you need to know for all your roof services. Don’t keep putting off having this essential service completed; let’s get started right away.

    Residential Roofing

    Our Damage roof repair contractor can offer you an array of roofing systems, from flat roofs to shingled and sloped ones, and will design them to your satisfaction so that your roof is not only beautiful but safe and durable. When it comes to repairing or replacing residential roofs, the Trice Restoration experts give you an immediate solution.

    Commercial Roofing

    Queens property owners have a lot to consider regarding commercial roofing. Not only do they need to choose the suitable material for their roof, but they also need to factor in the climate and the size and shape of their building. However, Commercial roof repair contractors Queens will help you with the best solution.
    Why Choose Us ?

    With our experience and expertise, we can install all types of roofing systems, giving you peace of mind that your roof will last a long time while enhancing its performance and durability. We guarantee that all areas of your roofing system will be installed correctly and professionally when you hire us as your roofing experts. Our roofing experts ensure your family’s safety and security by providing superior protection against environmental elements and external wear, and Trice Restoration Inc provides roofing services for residential and commercial properties. The best roofing services are available from us. Our professional roof repair contractor Queens will quickly and effectively address the cause of the roofing issue and offer a fair and reasonable price for repair or replacement.

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      • How do you know if your roof needs to be replaced?

        Identifying whether your building needs a new roof is crucial, and a commercial roof is built to last. It would help to address these concerns whenever you notice water stains, mold, or missing shingles.

        Other signs of roof issues include damaged roof covers, flaws in the seams, and bubbles along the roof flashing. It is also essential to consider the age of the commercial roof and the gradual wear that results from it.

      • Should I Repair or Replace the Roof?

        A complete replacement is required if more than 25 percent of the roof is defective. If managers are looking for a long-term solution and want to implement the latest technological innovations in roofing systems, a total replacement is a good choice. You can go ahead for building roof repair NYC solutions too.

        Recovering an existing roof is possible if it is well insulated. Replacement is far more expensive than repairing the roof. The process of recovering a roof can only be done once, and it is cheaper to repair the roof if costs are kept low. Minor repairs can extend the life of a roof. Coating the roof system will prevent leaks. Reflective coatings will save energy by reflecting UV rays away from the building.

      • What Type of Roofing System Is Right?

        There are many roofing options available. It is common for roofs to be built-up (the layers are bonded together and built up); have tapered insulation systems (which prevent standing water on flat roofs); have TPO roofs (resistance to fire, flexibility, and durability); and single ply roofs (provide exceptional durability over time).

      • Does Geography Impact Roofing Options?

        The location of your building greatly influences your roof choice. For example, the annual rainfall, wind speed, and snowfall in the South are different from those in the Northeast.

        In addition to the weather, the direction of your building and its roof orientation plays a vital role in selecting a roof system. A single-roof system cannot meet the varying needs of facilities across the country because each building hosts unique geographical factors.