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Tips for Stucco RepairThe cement-based exterior siding material, stucco, is popularly used by property owners in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island for its increased durability and aesthetic appeal. Applied in multiple layers over lath sheathing, stucco is a marvellous choice for exterior surfaces promoting immense benefits. Apart from being long-lasting, it is moisture and fire-resistant, highly versatile and customizable, affordable, and requires low maintenance. The classic look and feel of the material is another intriguing factor to vouch for! Do you agree?

However, at first glance, your stucco may appear impeccably flawless with an extraordinary appeal. But when you undergo inspection by a licensed and reliable stucco repair contractor like Trice Restoration Inc, you will discover the mess underneath the superficial skin! Cracks, crumbling, rust, rotten wooden lath, and so on- the damage has gotten into the inner layers. The proficient team in our company determines the severity of damage and proposes the best solutions, promoting extended life and stability to your stucco.

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Trice Restoration Inc is one of the renowned exterior stucco contractors with a high-end expertise in manoeuvring all stucco repair, restoration, and installation services at convenient pricing and satisfaction guarantee. Since the stucco job demands extensive precision and diligence, our crew is well-trained and committed to offering peerless results.

Causes of Stucco Failure

Though a sustainable construction material, stucco is vulnerable to damages caused due to several factors. These are:

  • Improper stucco installation is a structural defect that can lead to cracks and moisture issues. The mortar mix must comprise ideal proportions of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water to acquire lasting results. Also, the application process is pretty elaborate and requires the implementation of appropriate tools and techniques. Failure to do so will soon demand the intervention of commercial stucco contractors!
  • When doors, windows, and flashings are not installed correctly, it causes water seepage and the gradual decay of stucco. Often water penetrates deep down the lath and destabilizes the strength and integrity of the structure.
  • All the outlets, including electrical holes and vents, require proper sealing to ensure your stucco is moisture-protected. These openings are the primary source of water damage leading to havoc consequences.
  • Without proper caulking at the joints, your stucco will develop cracks, blisters, and damp surfaces that will worsen with time. Temperature fluctuations, stress, and moisture will easily affect the structure.

Thus, despite being durable, the above factors are enough to cause stucco failure leading to cracks, stains, crumbling, moss, weak spots, discoloration, and indentations. Trice Restoration Inc, a prominent stucco repair contractor in New York, can effortlessly fix such issues through superior craftsmanship and quality excellence.

Expert Stucco Repair Tips

The best stucco repair contractors encourage every trick necessary for accomplishing durable and impressive results. Below are the pro tips that will ensure your stucco lasts longer:

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  • The stucco mix is one of the most significant considerations in enabling time-tested results and attaining the desired finish. Mixing all ingredients in the exact proportionate in each layer is the secret behind a flawless job. Before adding acrylic bonding agent and water to the mix, blending it well in a mortar hoe is mandatory. The exterior stucco repair contractors use this method to accomplish the ideal consistency. Always use the mortar before it begins to harden!
  • Did anybody tell you the weather plays a significant role in the process? Extreme heat and cold interfere with the drying process. Chilly temperatures will ruin your stucco, and too much hot and dry weather will speed up the curing leading to cracks and chipping. Allow the stucco to dry up properly between layers to ensure superior bonding. Our crew at Trice Restoration Inc is willing to work even during the night when the weather remains ideal for a hassle-free and extraordinary stucco repair job.
  • Administering adequate site safety is extremely important to avoid unfortunate incidents and project delays. Wearing safety gear like gloves, goggles, and jackets is necessary whenever working with stucco because wet cement alkalis may cause burns. A licensed stucco repair contractor will always ensure the optimal safety of the crew members and neighboring properties.
  • It is the finishing that makes all the difference! Using the right tools and equipment and applying stucco paints and stains will offer you the most desired finish. Smooth or coarse- it is up to your preferences!

To conclude, repairing and restoring stucco is an intensive task demanding the intervention of a licensed and certified stucco repair contractor like Trice Restoration Inc. We specialize in offering a wide range of stucco services across multiple sectors of the construction industry.

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