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Why is Fire Escape Inspection Necessary?

Why is Fire Escape Inspection Necessary?In cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill, fire escapes form an integral part of high-rise buildings. They contribute to a building’s fire safety code, a prerequisite for any tall building. The NYC Department of Fire ensures that all such buildings possess a safe, functional, and accessible fire escape system.

However, though fire escapes are essential, they are still one of the most neglected components. Primarily due to rare usage and placed on the building’s exterior, property owners are least concerned about their maintenance. But it is one of the costliest mistakes we ever commit! By this, we mean that it not only results in expensive property damage but also loss of lives!

How often have you heard residents trapped in a building fire lost their lives? Too often, right? And do you know what the evident cause is? Fire escape failure! Yes! Every year many lives are lost due to building fires. Perhaps, this wouldn’t have been the scenario with a proper fire escape inspection

Today, in this blog, we will discuss all the aspects of an inspection and what makes it a prerequisite for fire escapes. Here it goes.

Consider Fire Escape Inspection: Save Property and Lives!

You never know when you might have to use your fire escape! Whether it is a fire breakout or an earthquake, these incidents are presumptuous. They do not come with an invitation! Hence, as a part of fire escape maintenance, inspection is the most crucial element. Have regular inspections by fire escape contractors NYC to ensure a fire-safe living environment.

Now, coming to why you need to inspect your fire escape, check out the following reasons:

  • Comply with Safety Standards- As already mentioned, maintaining a safe and functional fire escape comes under the state laws of the city. Every property owner is responsible for the proper upkeep of a fire escape. It means that the fire escape must be in working condition and accessible during catastrophes. All the occupants must be able to safely egress the building during emergencies, especially in the high-rises that restrict the use of elevators in such conditions. Through an inspection, you can detect the condition of your fire escape and take the necessary steps to restore its functionality.
  • Identify Damage- Since fire escapes are mostly made of wrought iron or steel, they are highly prone to corrosion. Being persistently exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures, it is inevitable to restrict damage due to rusting or corrosion. Metals gradually disintegrate when corrosion is left untreated. It is not usual to spot peeling paint, flaky railings, or missing steps in a fire escape. Eventually, the fire escape becomes unstable and unsafe, forbidding its use. Therefore, to detect if corrosion is damaging fire escape, you must perform an inspection.
  • Enhance Safety- The primary purpose of a fire escape is to encourage safe evacuation during emergencies. Failing to do so will cause havoc on property and lives. With an inaccessible and non-operational fire escape, you are risking lives and property. Regular inspections can help you determine the condition of your fire escape system so that you can take prompt actions like repair or replacement till you have time!
  • Keep Away from Violations- The NYC Department of Fire inspects fire escapes every five years to ensure every building complies with the fire safety standards. The authority issues violations if your fire escape does not comply with the state laws. You may even have to bear penalties and liabilities. It definitely mandates inspections!

So, call the best fire escape contractors today for a thorough inspection. Better safe than regret!

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