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Causes and Fixes to Window Lintel Cracks

Causes and Fixes to Window Lintel CracksDo you have cracks in window lintels? Does your window leak during heavy rainfall and snowfall? You are not the first one to face such problems. Lintel cracks are prevalent in places receiving maximum temperature fluctuations and precipitation. To say, cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill are often in the red flag zone.

Cracks and leaks in windows are a major sign of lintel failure. Since the lintel is one of the key components of a building responsible for structural integrity and stability, window lintel leak repair Queens is imperative to safeguard the building’s health. 

In this blog, we will discuss the causes of lintel cracks and ways you can fix them. Let’s get started.

Fundamental Causes of Lintel Cracks

Lintel failure affects the overall strength and stability of a building structure. It can lead to severe consequences, causing extensive damage to properties and lives. You must recognize the early signs of damage to avoid window lintel replacement.  

Now, speaking of the causes of lintel cracks, here are the reasons:

  • Temperature Fluctuations- With extreme temperature differences, brick and metal tend to expand and contract consecutively. The continuous freeze-thaw cycles create tension within the masonry material. Naturally, cracks appear after a certain time.
  • Excessive Moisture- Water in any form is detrimental to masonry structures. When moisture gets trapped within the structure, it gradually affects the structural stability, weakening the overall construction. In such cases, cracks are inevitable!
  • Material Deterioration- Over time, natural wear and tear becomes the cause of lintel damage. Material deterioration is unavoidable, leading to bond failure, cracks, uneven surfaces, etc. You will need window lintel repair services over time.
  • Soil Movement- The shifting of the ground impacts the foundation and walls of the building. As the walls and foundation move, it impacts the lintel. Cracks will appear sooner or later.

Fixes to Window Lintel Cracks

Now, the good news is you can repair the lintel cracks! It is not all bad news until you delay the repair services! However, the remedies vary according to the building repair. Coming to the fixes, here they are:

  • Brick Lintel Repair- Brick lintels are the most common and have been one of the most traditional forms. Nonetheless, brick arch lintels are repaired by strategically removing the damaged parts and inserting steel bars across the lintel length. Sometimes, you may require pinning down the steel bars in position. After that, the structure is repointed to provide a seamless finish.
  • Concrete Lintel Repair- To repair a cracked lintel in concrete, you need steel reinforcements. These steel rods are used for additional strength. The cracked or damaged part is removed, followed by the insertion of steel reinforcements. The finishing is done by applying fresh concrete mix.
  • Timber Lintel Repair- Timber lintels are frequently spotted in old properties. Since timber is prone to extensive moisture damage due to rotting and fungal attacks, damages are extremely prevalent. However, you will not require replacement because resin and steel rods often do the job. After removing the affected area, steel rods are placed and coated with resin to protect against moisture and insect attack.
  • Metal Lintel Repair- Metal undergoes corrosion due to persistent moisture exposure. It weakens the structure, followed by critical damage. Repair involves resurfacing the existing part or replacing it entirely. For replacement, the window lintel leaks costing are more.

To conclude, lintel cracks are repairable in most of the cases, but you must take prompt action. Delays result in damage severity and expensive replacements.

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